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In St George’s Chaplaincy we enjoy helping people to celebrate the relationship of marriage. For those about to be married, we can organise a wedding blessing service.  It is also possible for us to arrange a legal wedding provided at least one of the partners is resident in Spain. Otherwise we recommend that couples undergo a civil ceremony either in their home country or in Gibraltar prior to the blessing service.  The legal part of marriage is then separated from the religious side, but the ceremony in Church is what counts for most people and this is practically identical to a church wedding in the UK. 


For those who have been married for some years, we can arrange a renewal of vows, either in a separate service or as part of our normal worship.


We are fortunate in having an attractive church building  - the oldest Anglican Church in Spain - and this is much the best venue for the wedding service.  It is possible, in some circumstances, to conduct the service in some other place, but this is not normally the best option.  Wherever it is held, the vows and promises will be as laid down by the Church of England, but couples are encouraged to include their own material in addition. 


Please contact the Chaplaincy Wardens (  before making any decisions about receptions or dates or flights. They will inform you of the current fees for the church and for the organist and will arrange a meeting.  It is important to note that, as part of  the preparation, a member of our Clergy must meet the couple wanting either a legal wedding, a blessing or a renewal of vows well before the proposed date of the service.  


(It is also important to note that if either partner has been married before and there is a surviving ex-spouse then the Chaplain will need to get the agreement of the Bishop for a wedding or wedding blessing, and this may take a little time.) 


Please note that, for legal reasons, the Church of England is not able at this time to conduct same-sex marriages or blessings. 






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